applied electronics


MecTronik, founded in2001, is now leader in the automotive applied electronics worldwide. Following carefully the innovation, evolution and reliability principles, it supplies state of the art products and services to the most important manufacturers in the Motorsport and OEM field. Thanks to its innovative ideas and technologies, its efficient after-sales service and a constant products development, MecTronik is the best partner which always ensures rapid solutions and answers in a growing market and the true “MADE IN ITALY” quality.


The company has never interrupted its professional growth, obtaining in this way new skills, developing new products and expanding its services. In the business philosophy, a particular attention is given to the accurate research of quality.



The constant quality research led the company to select carefully its suppliers and in particular the businesses which realize development and design tools and at the same time ensure the best quality and specific support.



Following its big interest for the research and the development of the automotive electronics field, MecTronik has always established stimulating relationships with some of the most famous universities, by supporting actively common projects and getting new boosts over the year.


Mectronik aims to be the reference business in the automotive applied electronics field, developing with passion and precision each single products in order to be a reliable partner and create values for our clients. Our main targets for the next years are:

Racing Ecu Kit

The development of activities in the motorsport field, increasing our presence in national and international championships as supplier of RACING ECU KIT to the biggest manufacturers and federations which deal with the definition of technical regulation.

Engine management

An increasing presence as supplier of ENGINE MANAGEMENT FOR OEM , expanding the range of our products in this direction.

Embedded systems

An increase of services provided to our clients who need technical support during the design phases of AUTOMOTIVE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS.