Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Our skills and our long-standing experience, together with the most modern design, production and control quality technologies, enable Mectronik to offer a wide range of products and services for Original O.E.M. applications.


We build important cooperation with companies which are looking for a partner able to face the increasing technological innovation in the automotive industry. We offer solutions to satisfy any market requirements, which combine the development and customization costs with the productive volume of the final product.


Engine Control Unit

One device for the engine and vehicle management, integrated in a potting or aluminum casting case, to satisfy any customer requirement. ECUs for vehicles manufacturers, for medium and mass production, which include special variants for the MIL industry. All the products are based on a new CPU family, which complies with Euro 4 and Euro 5 requirements and focuses on ASIL-D requirements for X by wire systems. The assembly and the production comply with the automotive quality requirements such as IPC standard.


In 2010 we established a partnership with Infineon Technologies, a leader in the production of chip for the automotive industry worldwide. Since 2006 Mectronik has acquired all the necessary skills to take advantage of the Infineon 16bit microcontrollers (XC164 and XC167) use, in addition to the TLE series smart chip.



TASKING is the embedded software division of Altium (ASX:ALU). TASKING development tools are used by automotive manufacturers and the world's largest Tier 1 suppliers to develop embedded microcontroller-based powertrain, body control, and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) - related applications for both traditional and electric vehicles. These customers and those from adjacent industries, rely on the TASKING development tools to create richer next -generation applications while achieving optimum reliability, safety, and performance.

Software development tools >



• Design of mixed analog and digital circuits for automotive applications and critical environments.
• Problem analysis
• Components search and choice


Software / Firmware

• Low Level Drivers for standard and custom RTOS
• MCU abstraction layer for Infineon Family
• Protocols for calibration and diagnosis


Consulting / Planning

• Advice in the phases of realization of your product
• Start-up service